Mrs. Amanda McPherson Atkinson

Amanda started the Michigan Irish Dance academy in 2012. She has been dancing for 1 years and was trained by John and Liz Heinzman with the Ardan Academy of Irish Dance. Amanda started Irish dancing as an adult, joining right in with her daughter’s class. Immediately, Amanda fell in love with everything about Irish dance and the culture and decided to start a school a little closer to home. Amanda became a Certified Irish dance Instructor through the World Irish Dance Association, however, after several years, she felt being an independent dance school gave her more flexibility. She is also a mother of three daughters and lives in White Lake, Michigan.

Mrs. Maureen Moynihan Warstler

I am married with a 2yo son. I started Irish dancing at 8, and teaching at 15. I have competed at the National and World Champ level with solo and Ceili. I am working as a PTA and loving using my knowledge and experience to further dancers in their skills and careers.

Mrs. Gabrielle Fox Alonzi

Gabrielle has been Irish dancing with MIDA for about nine years, saying that she fell in love with it as a teenager and hasn't stopped since. She's excited to share her love of Irish dance with all of our dancers!